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State Election Commissioner Jailed

MUMBAI: It is unfortunate that in an unprecedented punitive measure, the Maharashtra legislative assembly on Thursday sent state election commissioner Nandlal to two days’ simple imprisonment for contempt of the House. The inprisonment seems to be in civil jail. Now is Arthur jail a civil jail? Couldnt custody of collector mumbai have been a civil jail. What are Civil Jail Rules. This is learning time to know the quasi-judicial powers of legislature, legislative committees and the procedures of Civil Jail those having info on this may please send to our group or post it to me.

P. V. Kachare

Ram Ram Mandali

Aplya Mahsuli Mothepanache Kahi Prashna: 1.Apan aplya kanistana kahich kalat nahi, he etarana kiti vela v kiti anandane sangto? 2.Apan etar vibhagachya mansasamor Aplya lokancha apman karnyat mothepana ka manto? 3.Etar kontyahi vibhagache lok karat naslele apmanaspad kam apan swata v aplya loka marfat kartana apli man zukavi tethe chati ka pudhe yete? 4.SDO etc padavar gelya var apnala shinge futlya sarkhe vagun apan etar vibhagachyach nahi tar aplya dept chya lokanchahi ka apman karto? 5.Aplya dept madhil Jestha/senior lokasobat kam kartana generation gap cha vichar n karta tyana ka hasto? 6.VIP na attend karnyache faltu kam fakt apanch aplya gharche karya ahe ya anandane ka karto? 7.VIP bandobastat Buke,Har,napkin, pani nahi mhanun aplya talathyala apan shiva ka deto? Yadi mothi ahe Mhanun Antim Prashna vicharto: *Protocoll madhe sampark adhikari mhanun sambhadit vibhagachya adhikaryachi order kadhleli astanahi apan sarv kam sodun divasbhar circuit house chya darat ubhe ka rahto ANI PWD EE chi Rest House chi jababdari astanahi Sandas V Camod madhe ghan ahe ki nahi he apan swata pahto KA KA KA KA??????? Maze Uttar: hi sarva changlya Mahsul Adhikareyachi lakshane ahet. Pratek jan dusryapeksha adhik changle honyacha prayatna karat ahe MHANUN...... . Kripaya tapasun paha, Charcha apekshit! Dr Vikas Naik,SDO Osmanabad.

DPC for Promotion to Dy. Collectors held

On 25th March 2008, a Departmental Promotion Committee Meeting held in Mantralaya for promotion from among the Tahasildars to the cadre of Dy. Collectors. Posts of promotion are around 55. On 31st January 2008 a Departmental Promotion Committee Meeting held in Mantralaya for promotion from among the Dy. Collectors (Ordinary Grade ) to Dy. Collectors. (Selection Grade. Posts of promotion are around 55.

6th Pay Commission Report

Finally 6th Pay Commission has submitted its report to GOI on 24th March 2008. Soon GOI may decide on it. However a just click the heading of this news item and view the report. Now this is high time we discuss on our scales in the light of recommendations of the commission. Come on read, discuss and deliberate. I find our coleagues either dont read or if they read they read for themselves and they dont bother to react. I personally feel this is not good for health of the cadre. Come on once again, let us discuss.....keep discussing. Pl. visit this link .P. V. Kachare

Keep Blogging

All Revenue Officers journalism is slowly being overtaken by amateurs in this age of communication innovation and media revolution. All are arequested to keep sending news, views and pl. keep blogging. Do not let things go stale.

Blogger Buzz: Blogger Help Videos

Blogger Buzz: Blogger Help Videos

New Land Acquisition Bill 2007

Now the THE LAND ACQUISITION (AMENDMENT) BILL, 2007 A BILLfurther to amend the Land Acquisition Act, 1894.18. is going introduced in loksabha so if we propose ammend ment to sec 18 as court referance is tobe given by agency then it will be possible. ammended sec 18 of La 1984 bill 2007 is as folloeIn section 18 of the principal Act,-(i) in sub-section (1), the following provisos shall be inserted, at the end, namely:—“Provided that the Collector shall, within a period of fifteen days from thedate of receipt of application, make a reference to the Authority for the Centre, oras the case may be, the Authority:Provided further that where the Collector fails to make such referencewithin the period so specified, the applicant may apply to the Authority for theCentre, or as the case may be, the Authority, requesting it to direct the Collectorto make the reference to it within a period of thirty days.”;(ii) in sub-section (2), after the proviso, the following proviso shall be inserted,namely :—“Provided further that the Collector may entertain an application after theexpiry of the said period, within a further period of one year, if he is satisfied thatthere was sufficient cause for not filing it within the period specified in the firstproviso.”. Amhi Satarkar

Collective wisdom would prevail upon our traditional knowledge

I fully endorse Krishnamurty' s views and would like to add that it is in fact our machinary itself who need to be educated a bit. Why dont we first get the comments/problems of all SLAOs and then hold a conference of all SLAOs at state level and invite some distinguished lawyers, judges et al. Collective wisdom would prevail upon our traditional knowledge. Rajesh Kulkarni

Responsibility of SLAO has to be limited.

The point mentioned is what I have been trying to make since I was Chitnis in Nashik.Most people only refer to section 18 of the Land Acquisition Act 1894, conveniently forgettingsection 20 of the same Act. While it is the responsibility of the SLAO to accept the referenceunder section 18 and forward it to the Civil Court, under section 20, it is the responsibility of theCivil Court to issue notice to the Collector if the reference contains details regarding the valuationof land, trees and structures. Till such notice is received, the Collector is under no duress to respondlegally to the Civil Court. Even the references presented to the Collector/SLAO are worded in sucha way that make SLAO a party to the case, whereas the simple logic is that when the Land Acquisitionproceedings are commenced the AB is the applicant and the land owners are the non-applicants.Therefore by common logic, when the land owners become the applicant (under section 18 reference)the AB automatically becomes the non-applicant. We should therefore reject such references where Collector/SLAO are made parties, but we still send them to the Civil Court. Once the Civil Courtentertains such references, it goes by the Code of Civil Procedure (which most of us are notfamiliar with). This leaves us at the mercy of the AGP (in lighter vein Anti-Government Pleader!).It is time we make some effort to reduce our own problems! K Suryakrishnamurty

Acquiring body should file the appeal

SLAO/Collector should not take decesion regarding filling appeal .Acquiring body should file the appeal immidiaetly in case enhancement ordered in reference under section 18 is not acceptable .. SLAO works as a facilitator to the acquiring body.Once award is declared his works mainly confines to payment of compensation . It is logic that who is aggrived should approach the court. For any amount of compensation awarded in reference under sec 18 , SLAO has no reason to be aggrieved as it is acquiring body who has to bear the same.As far as Land Acquisition Office at Panvel is concerned, one awwal karkun or SLAO has to attend the District Court or High Court daily as large number of References u/s 18 or appeals are pending.Existing machinary is unable to cope up with the work pressure and Court litigation. This office has acquired land for CIDCO for the development of Satellite Town- New Mumbai. As prices of the land on the periphery of Mumbai have sky-rocketted ,the farmers in the area are desperate to fetch higher price.Awarded compensation is accepted under protest and farmres are moving to the court.Mumbai is 50 KM away from Panvel whereas Alibaug where District Court is located is 60 KM.So farmers have easy access to both of these Courts.So number of references u/s 18 or appeals are comparatively high than the other offices. Appeal Memo are drafted by Solicitor Firms containing more than 20 pages (one sided).Replying the same becomes difficult in short peroid .( No comments about GP)Beside the acquisition for CIDCO is carried in the year 1970 to 1980, record is ill maintained. So some time getting the various record required for court work is trouble some.Man power at various Land Acqisition Offices is meagre one.It is heard that Government is in the phase perparing new staffing pattern for SLAO offices across the state. Hope proper strength is provided.Offices of SLAO are on temporay basis.Continuation is given for short period, i.e two months.So after every two months ,continuation proposal is required to be submitted to the governments. As per R& F department GR, SLAO offices are to be provided all amenities at par with SDO viz.Vehicle, telephone, Photo copying machine, computers -printers. I am not sure whether even telephones are provided to all offices.This is affecting the morale of the staff esspecially SLAO.Proposed LA(Amendment ) Bill 2007 is pending before the parliament regarding acquisition for the companies. I think certain sections should be inserted regarding the provision of appeal by the acquiring body or rule to that effect be made.In LA act , no principle is set regarding methods of determining compensations. As a result various valuations methods are being adopted and no uniformity is maintained for the same.This is one of the grave cause for inaccurate determination of compensation which gives rise to court litigation. Kiran Panbude.

Know our coleaugue - Dr. Arjun Chikhale

Our coleaugue Dr. Arjun Chikhale, Asstt. Commissioner, BC Cell, Nashik Division has written 5 books in series on all aspects of development and community issues . His books are like 1. MREGS 2. ABC of MREGS 3. Parallel Reservation 4. Reservation and Roster 5. Social Audit. All books are in Marathi and written in simple and comprehensible language. Government of Maharashtra has appointed him as a state trainer for MREGS & Social Audit. He is regular guest lecturer in Yashada, Pune. He is freelance writer on issues of relevance. A link of his book page is published on left side. Let us keep in touch with Dr. Chikhale who can be contacted at or 9822333654.

Cadre Review

In Maharashtra Engineering Services direct recruitment is at three levels. Asstt. Executive Engineer(AEE) , Asstt. Eng. class-I(AE_I) , Asstt. Eng. Class-II(AE- II). AEE & AE-I are selected in the grade 8000-275-10500/ -& AE-II in 6500-150-... ..grade. AEE is initially posted as AE-I i.e.Dy.Eng. After completion of probation of 2 yrs.& one term of 3 yrs. in AE-I grade i.e. after 5 years he is automatically promoted as Executive Engineer in the grd. 10500-13500/ -. Seniority lists of AEE and AE-I are maintained seperately till they are promoted in cdr of EE. This can be applied for Revenue Cadre also, by upgrading Dy. Collector to 10500-13500/ - grade and Tahasildar and Naib Th. to 8000-10500/- and 6500-....grade. We should demand this before Sixth Pay Comm. Dhananjay Nikam, SDO, Bhusaval

Land Acquisition Important

In a recent case of SLAO Metro Centre No.1 in Panwael Civil Application No.3422/07 Hon. Chief Justice of HC Mumbai & Hon. Justice J. P. Devdhar on 4th Feb. 2008 took a serious view on manner of filing appeals in Land Acquisition Cases. The Court issued show cause notice to Govt. Pleader why action should not be taken for inordinate delay in filing the appeal. Delay in the said case is of 722 days. The Hon. High Court observed "We may futher indicate clearly that the principle of public accountability is applicable to the administrative actions. Executive is under obligation to work in a proper manner and act to the expected standards causing least prejudice to the interest of the state." " In the aforesaid circumstances, before we consider the question as to whether such inordinate delay should or should not be condoned, we issue show cause notice the state officials, who did not act in the matters and created huge liability on the state, as to why they should not be directed to pay interest payable to the claimants for all these period." This order of the High Court is circulated by the R & FD to all Collectors Ref. R & FD No. Sakirn-08/141/Cr-20/A-4 dtaed 14th Feb 2008. Pl. get this, circulate it to all our coleaugues. Now time has to be accountable and adopt smart style of working. Here are number of issued in the matter. We need to discuss, deliberate to thread them out one by one and to get a standard procedure of filing appeal from Government. There is lot of interdependence as GP Dist. Court-Agency-GP High Court- Stamp Duty Amount- Expndr.needed and then filing of affidavit. We are always reviewed. Whether pendency of GP HC is reviewed anywhere but still for their delay SLAO has to take onus of delay on his head in affidavit. Is it is responsibility crisis......chalo...come on debate till it is sorted out. P. V. Kachare.
Lokmat News

Cadre Strenghtning Necessary

Lot has been said and done regarding cadre strenghtning of deputy collectors,tahsilda rs,naib tahsildars.. .......I ve Some points which i think should be discussed first which r as follows1...Total strength of each cadre (total sanctioned ,permanant,temporar y...)2...Actual Strength (No of posts filled, vacant)including posts on deputation3...Seniorioty Lists (not yearwise.... .alll...till date4...Pay scale transisions (from creation of cadre)5...Posts at Par (i mean compared to other departments hirarchy)6...Pay scales of the posts of other departments for comparision7...working conditions thereto I think by not taking these points into consideration we r degenerating ourselves... for example OUR DEPUTY COLLECTOR WORK AS DEPUTY COMISSIONER IN MUNICIPAL CORPORATION UNDER HIS BATCHMATE C.O.(WHO IS COMMISSIONER FROM CO CADRE)SO think seriously... ......... ........Ravindra Dhurjad RDC Yavatmal Amravati divn

Different Viewpoint on Caste Certificate Issue

I have total different opinion regarding cast certificates. As we all know that there is a scrutiny commity for scrutiny of cast certificates- -then why there is need of issuing authority?. If you are goingg to become a MAHASATTA, why did you do the same work twice. So insted of doing issuance + validity ------do only validity okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. As we all were, aware that validity committee is doing its job in a nice manner, let them allow to do the job of validity. SO GOVT SHALL NOT WASTE THE TIME OF REVENUE OFFICERS FOR CAST CERTIFICATE, rather than this govt should give them a another work. That doesnt mean that we are avoiding the work but we just want to avoid the double work. However , govt may appoint more staff to validity office and can also appoint another seniour REVENUE officers for doing the appeal work . OR govt may appoint divisionwise " CAST TRIBUNALS " who will look after the grievances of the validity commeette. Shridhar Dube, Dy. Collector LAQ, Kokan Divcom Office

Caste Certificate Issue

What Abhijeet has stated is correct. Ealier during our schooling days, School authorities were not insisting on the production of caste certificate for recording our caste in the school record. They use to record the same on the basis of verbal information suplied by the parents. Nowdays esspecially Mumbai, unless caste certificate from the Competent authority is produced ,no fee concession is granted to the student who claims for the same under reserved category. Beside Caste Certificate (Issuance and Regulation ) Act does not stipulate any age criterion for claiming the caste certificate. It is advisable that on the lines of Khate pustika , Caste Book-let for a family may be issued at once so that members from the same family need apply seperately.New born child will have the caste status of his family by proper endorsement of competent authority. This will reduce the scrutiny and paper work of ours. Kiran Panbude

My viewpoint on Caste Certificate issue

Caste Certificate are important.But i have some suggestions. Mr. Nikam Sir has said that we should issue caste certificate only who really requires it. You can't judge who is in real need and who is not.There are some places where citizen requires caste certificate without scrutiny committee's verification for example various govt. schemes run by tribal dept, Panchayat Samiti, Z.P., social welfare dept.So you can't restrict incoming of caste certificates. Also wheather age of person is two month or 70 years , it doesnot make any difference. If he want the certificate , we should give it. Abhijeet BhandeTahsildar Raver.

Permenant Residence

As far as I know, there is no such thing as permanent residence for issuing caste certificates.The para reads "the term "ordinarily resident" here will have the same meaning as in section 20 of R.P.Act", so no question of permanent residence arises. Either way that idea seems so outdated in this age of transbordermigration on such a large scale. Suryakrishnamurty

Worth Demanding

Whatever Dhananjay has put forth are worth demanding. Yesterday only a divorced lady took almost half an hour for taking her 3 year old daughter OBC C.C. She was arguing like a fire brand TV channel reporter and saying that we people are not giving proper guidance. Actually this Setu front end boys/girls are useless.They are more rude than our clerks/A.K. I have observed here in Nashik that since humanity point I entertain almost all irrespective of the fact that I look after only V.J./N.T., category,these setu boys/girls send everybody to me as if I am a helpline for the Setu. I think these Setu and its staff have become Neo_Mahasul Adhikari and behave like anything. Cross inspection of Setu or Performance Audit ( Not Financial,they are competent in it.) is very much needed. Unmesh Mahajan, Dy.Collector( E.G.S.), Nashik

Issue of Caste Certificates

Our recent stir against Caste Certificates ensured that the subject remains with us henceforth. Now we should try and find out ways to smoothen the things. If you analyse the applications that are received, you will find that almost 50% have applied for unnecessarily. They really don’t require the certificates in the near future. It is only because they are easily available and we are willingly ready to issue, they apply for. I have encountered applications for TWO MONTHS old baby to SEVENTY FOUR years old grandpa. Do they really need C.Cs? I have talked to many applicants about this. General opinion is that today we are getting it…have it, tomorrow govt. may change policy. Agreed, it is noble and satisfying work……but should not affect our core job. It is worthwhile to consider the procedure of Scrutiny Committee. Committee accepts applications for and from those who are needy. 1) eleventh class students who will need validity certies after passing twelfth ……… through their respective colleges. 2) students who have taken admissions to various degree and professional colleges………. Through their colleges 3) candidates who have been selected for various govt, jobs ………. Through their employers. 4) candidates who been elected from reserved seats in various elections ……. Through Collr. Or Tahasildars as the case may be. Can we go for the same procedure? Applications can be accepted from Ninth standard students through their schools. For all practical purposes students up to ninth std should not require C.Cs. If at all needed the C.C. of their fathers should serve the purpose. This I think should reduce our work load by almost 25%. One imp. obsrevation. Majority the C.Cs. those we have issued and have been issuing are erroneous. there are two paras. in all the C.Cs. First relates to applicant’s PERMANENT place of resident and his caste. The second para relates to his ORDINARY place of resident. But we write the same places in both the paras….. without verifying whether he is a permanent or ordinary resident in our jurisdiction. Simultaneously we should seek clear guideline as to who is a competent officer….. having jurisdiction over permanent residence or over ordinary residence. As of today one can apply to both the officers. This is like a brain sorming session. Please put forth all your ideas. Who knows .... we may find a perfect and please to all solutions. Dhananjay Nikam, SDO, Bhusaval

Haryana frames new rules for state Civil Services

Chandigarh Monday, Feb 4 2008 IST Haryana Cabinet today approved the new service rules to be known as Haryana Civil Services (Executive Branch) Rules, 2008 that would come into force from the date of their publication in the official gazette. The cabinet, which met under the chairmanship of Chief Minister Bhupinder Singh Hooda, today gave its nod to the proposal which had been necessasitated because the state so far had been following the Punjab Civil Service (Executive Branch) Rules, 1930 whose certain provisions had outlived their utility, an official release said. Under the new rules, the strength and composition of the Haryana Civil Service (HCS) cadre will be determined by the Government from time to time and re-examined every three years. The Chief Secretary shall maintain four registers of accepted candidates which included Register A-1 of District Revenue Officers/Tahsildars, Register A-II of members of Group C service, Register B of people accepted as candidates as a result of a competitive examination for the post of HCS (Executive Branch) and Register C of District Developlment and Panchayat Officers/Block Development and Panchayat Officers. According to these rules, District Development and Panchayat Officers would also be eligible for appointment in service from Register C. Now, the government would not be able to change the essential qualifications, except age, for appointment from Registers A-I, A-II and C. It has been decided to increase the period of continuous government service from five years to eight years. The employees of certain state public sector undertakings would be no more eligible for appointment from Register A-II, Except graduate of a recognised University. The Financial Commissioner and Principal Secretary, Revenue and Disaster Management shall, by a date to be determined by the Government, prepare a list of District Revenue Officers/Tahsildars not more than five times of the number of vacancies and submit the same for the consideration of a Committee with Chief Secretary as Chairman.

Be positive: Governor to babus

Time of India 18th Feb 2007 PATNA: “Be positive” is governor R S Gavai’s message to the civil servants. “Try to shun the negative mindset which will not be of any help in meeting the goal for which the state machinery works,” Gavai said while delivering the keynote address at a seminar on “Role & difficulty of civil service officer in imparting social justice to the poor masses” organised as a part of 15th conference of All India Federation of State Civil/Administrative Service Association on Sunday. Highlighting the role of civil servants in meeting the goals set by the constitution makers, the governor said civil servants are the tools for ushering in social justice in the society. He also urged them to take special care of the weaker sections and utilise the funds meant for the masses properly. “Remember, the funds meant for welfare schemes are those of the public and their judicious use is sacrosanct duty of all those who handle it,” Gavai said. Corruption also figured in his address and he said it was really sad that huge chunk of funds were not reaching the target group due to corrupt practices. Former chairman of Bihar Public Service Commission N K Agrawal dwelt on the basic role of civil servants. “Civil servants are supposed to be like umpires who are supposed to be impartial while carrying out their work,” he said and added that civil servants had an added role of facilitator. Delivering the vote of thanks, B D Shindhe of Maharashtra Civil Service Association thanked the governor for sparing time for the conference and also demanded that instead of the present practice of reserving 33 per cent of senior posts for the state administrative service officials, the quota should be raised to 50 per cent. Earlier, in the morning session, delegates from different states expressed their views on the various problems facing the state administrative service officials and the challenges before them.

First among the equals

Hi all,It is said that Revenue officers are " First among the equals" in Taluka, Subdivision, District and Division. But now days it can be seen that other departments are denying superiority of Revenue Dept over other depts. Senior Most District officers of other dept don’t attend meetings of Collector personally. They even dare to ingnore instruction given by Collector as Distrct Head.Same is the condition of SDO and Tahsildars.SDPO feels that SDO is not superior to him . PI , BDO, DY Engg donot think they are answerable to Tahsildar to any extent as taluka head.I have some questions regarding this. 1. Is there any circular/GR abt Div Commissioner ,Collector, SDO , Tahsildar are representatives of Govt. in Divison,District, Sub Division and Taluka respectively ?2. If so , do we have any written orders, circulars of govt.saying that we should be treated " First among the equals" and we have some supervisory powers over other depts regarding functioning of Govt. machinery.Can our members in Mantralaya search for such circulars/GRs/ orders and communicate to all.Abhijeet BhandeTahsildar Raver,Dist. Jalgaon.

My opinioion on the issue.

I Think we can bargain on this issue as we cannot hold the issue for a longer time bcos it may create a negative opinion of our dept as students are going to suffer.Education department may be asked to take a drive to get caste certificates of students in tenth and twelth,Creamy Layer certificates are asked fresh by every authority. This increases load on officers.Validity period for every creamy layer certificate should be made so that certificate can be used for three years.One clerk,one ak and one NT to be given in each tahsil and sdo office for this work.Honorium to be paid atleast 1 re per certificate.Lets go for more bargains. Manik Gursal. Dy. Commr (EGS) Konkan Bhavan, New Mumbai 9987173565 9867284184

Important Issues

Hello Friends All kudos the battle that we have half won... There are a lot more issues that we need to negotiate with the Govt and I think this is the opportune time as we have finally exhibited lot of unity. May we also take up the pending issues like - • Regular meetings for Cadre Review • Adequate Training Policy • Fast Track removal of backlog in terms of promotion • Seniority lists on a regular basis • Timely communication of A C Rs • Pay scale revision as per earlier discussions in Jul 1999 ( Proposal Pending with the state government) • Performance appraisal based incentives • Review of earlier reports and studies like Sudhakar Joshi Committee etc. • Publishing seniority list on the department website • Employee corner on the website for posting HR related issues like Transfers etc. on the department website • Link for Civil list for the state service officers • Protection and reimbursement in cases of attack , manhandling , gherao etc These are some issues which I feel are relevant. Lets all think about them and then present them to the State govt. The same may also be communicated to Mr. Kshirsagar and Dr Dhakane if appropriate. Thanks and Regards Vidyut Varkhedkar

Meeting with Revenue Minister on 28th Feb. 2008

Dear All, In the meeting with Hon. Mins.& secretaries of Revenue; Tribal and Social welfare Depts in Mantralaya , the discussions went in wrong way. All above had discussed about Caste Scrutiny instead of Caste Certificate issuence. Even then all we discussed and came to conclusion to start issuing CCs because 1. as our friends discussed on this forum that many are suffering because of this and this will create bad image of our Dept in views of various sectors of society like students, gaurdians.2. Konkan div has already started CCs so that would have created divided impression of our said unity. 3. We have respect Hon Min and Secs promises that the solution will be in near cabinet meetings. In Meeting Following Demands Accepted; 1.Additional staff from Social welfare and Tribal depts. 2.No prosecution without Govt permission. 3.Additional posts for Scrutiny. After this The Sanghatana under the name of Viderbha Mulki Adhikari Sanghatana sent our DEMANDS to Govt. and copy of that is sent to all Colls, RDCs through MAHANET and NIC . Pl collect copy of that and go through it and take it for discussion on this forum . Thanks. Dr. Vikas Naik, SDO Osmanabad.