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6th Pay Commission Report

Finally 6th Pay Commission has submitted its report to GOI on 24th March 2008. Soon GOI may decide on it. However a just click the heading of this news item and view the report. Now this is high time we discuss on our scales in the light of recommendations of the commission. Come on read, discuss and deliberate. I find our coleagues either dont read or if they read they read for themselves and they dont bother to react. I personally feel this is not good for health of the cadre. Come on once again, let us discuss.....keep discussing. Pl. visit this link .P. V. Kachare


Anonymous said...

I feel we all need to seriously take up the scale revision issue. And we should all ralise that the isolatory self centered efforts cannot lead us to the goals of the cadre. Arise Awake

Anonymous said...

We need to seriously think of the ways to get the pay scale revisions done.