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Caste Certificate Issue

What Abhijeet has stated is correct. Ealier during our schooling days, School authorities were not insisting on the production of caste certificate for recording our caste in the school record. They use to record the same on the basis of verbal information suplied by the parents. Nowdays esspecially Mumbai, unless caste certificate from the Competent authority is produced ,no fee concession is granted to the student who claims for the same under reserved category. Beside Caste Certificate (Issuance and Regulation ) Act does not stipulate any age criterion for claiming the caste certificate. It is advisable that on the lines of Khate pustika , Caste Book-let for a family may be issued at once so that members from the same family need apply seperately.New born child will have the caste status of his family by proper endorsement of competent authority. This will reduce the scrutiny and paper work of ours. Kiran Panbude

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