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Different Viewpoint on Caste Certificate Issue

I have total different opinion regarding cast certificates. As we all know that there is a scrutiny commity for scrutiny of cast certificates- -then why there is need of issuing authority?. If you are goingg to become a MAHASATTA, why did you do the same work twice. So insted of doing issuance + validity ------do only validity okkkkkkkkkkkkkkk. As we all were, aware that validity committee is doing its job in a nice manner, let them allow to do the job of validity. SO GOVT SHALL NOT WASTE THE TIME OF REVENUE OFFICERS FOR CAST CERTIFICATE, rather than this govt should give them a another work. That doesnt mean that we are avoiding the work but we just want to avoid the double work. However , govt may appoint more staff to validity office and can also appoint another seniour REVENUE officers for doing the appeal work . OR govt may appoint divisionwise " CAST TRIBUNALS " who will look after the grievances of the validity commeette. Shridhar Dube, Dy. Collector LAQ, Kokan Divcom Office

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