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Issue of Caste Certificates

Our recent stir against Caste Certificates ensured that the subject remains with us henceforth. Now we should try and find out ways to smoothen the things. If you analyse the applications that are received, you will find that almost 50% have applied for unnecessarily. They really don’t require the certificates in the near future. It is only because they are easily available and we are willingly ready to issue, they apply for. I have encountered applications for TWO MONTHS old baby to SEVENTY FOUR years old grandpa. Do they really need C.Cs? I have talked to many applicants about this. General opinion is that today we are getting it…have it, tomorrow govt. may change policy. Agreed, it is noble and satisfying work……but should not affect our core job. It is worthwhile to consider the procedure of Scrutiny Committee. Committee accepts applications for and from those who are needy. 1) eleventh class students who will need validity certies after passing twelfth ……… through their respective colleges. 2) students who have taken admissions to various degree and professional colleges………. Through their colleges 3) candidates who have been selected for various govt, jobs ………. Through their employers. 4) candidates who been elected from reserved seats in various elections ……. Through Collr. Or Tahasildars as the case may be. Can we go for the same procedure? Applications can be accepted from Ninth standard students through their schools. For all practical purposes students up to ninth std should not require C.Cs. If at all needed the C.C. of their fathers should serve the purpose. This I think should reduce our work load by almost 25%. One imp. obsrevation. Majority the C.Cs. those we have issued and have been issuing are erroneous. there are two paras. in all the C.Cs. First relates to applicant’s PERMANENT place of resident and his caste. The second para relates to his ORDINARY place of resident. But we write the same places in both the paras….. without verifying whether he is a permanent or ordinary resident in our jurisdiction. Simultaneously we should seek clear guideline as to who is a competent officer….. having jurisdiction over permanent residence or over ordinary residence. As of today one can apply to both the officers. This is like a brain sorming session. Please put forth all your ideas. Who knows .... we may find a perfect and please to all solutions. Dhananjay Nikam, SDO, Bhusaval

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Anonymous said...

up caste certificate ka application form format hai kya kisi ke pass ,, kitne rupe me obc Jati Praman patra ban jaega merea