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Worth Demanding

Whatever Dhananjay has put forth are worth demanding. Yesterday only a divorced lady took almost half an hour for taking her 3 year old daughter OBC C.C. She was arguing like a fire brand TV channel reporter and saying that we people are not giving proper guidance. Actually this Setu front end boys/girls are useless.They are more rude than our clerks/A.K. I have observed here in Nashik that since humanity point I entertain almost all irrespective of the fact that I look after only V.J./N.T., category,these setu boys/girls send everybody to me as if I am a helpline for the Setu. I think these Setu and its staff have become Neo_Mahasul Adhikari and behave like anything. Cross inspection of Setu or Performance Audit ( Not Financial,they are competent in it.) is very much needed. Unmesh Mahajan, Dy.Collector( E.G.S.), Nashik

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