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Fuel Advance GR

Pl. View attached orders. As all are aware, Our Tahasildars have handed over keys of their vehicles to respective Collectors on 2nd October 2008 in protest of inaction on the part of Govt. to make available adequate grants. In an unprecendented mode, Govt. has sought an Advance from Consolidated Fund, which is usually sought very rarely and as exception. A CFA Advance of Rs. 2,63,78,000 has been sanctioned. Divcom Kokan Rs.40,92,000, Divcom Nashik 30,54,000, Divcom Pune 26,50,000, Divcom Amaravati Rs. 1,16,09,000, Divcom Aurangabad 49,73,000/-. Nagpur Division seems not to have sent their proposal of pending bills, now it is sent on 4th Oct. and it may be processed separately.


Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATION TO ALL TAHSILDARS !and hope so that same spirit will be continued for six pay comm.

Anonymous said...

congratulations to the all TAHSILDARS and to the all revenue offisers . we wish the same spirit to be continued for six pay comm.
sandip mane.mumbai.

Anonymous said...

congratulations but i feel tat we should fight for regular monthly grants for fuel and maintainance