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नवे प्रयोग करा- घरपोच धान्य योजना राबवा

Pune: Recently Government of Maharashtra has chosen novel experiment of our coleague Mr. Shekhar Gaikwad, Additional Collector as a Best Practice in Administration under Rajiv Gandhi Abhiyan of Administrative Reforms. This Best Practice is aimed at stopping pilferage to plug loopholes in the Public Distribution System (PDS), it is a pilot project initially started in Nashik district, in Maharashtra state and slowly spreading throughout Maharashtra. It aims at delivery of foodgrain almost to the consumer’s doorstep i.e open one time distribution in villages for 3, 6,or 12 months at a time. From 1st May 2010 this scheme is being implemented in large number of villagers in Pune district. More and more villages are coming forward with a request to implement this scheme in their villages. Revenue Officers working in the filed have got an opportunity to give thier best to society, especially to those who are half fed or hungry. As Food Security is an ambitious national policy, and our Government is also committed to it, this is likely to be an alternative method of ensuring pilferage free delivery to those who deserve and to those who need food. Hence for the benefit of all Shri Shekhar Gaikwad has accepted our request to document this Best Practice. We have just brought out scheme procedure in the form of book. A link and download facility has been provided on left side of this page or once can view this book by clicking heading of this news item. All officers who belive in Administriative Reforms and better tommorrow are requested to minutely go through this book and if conviniced, just go ahead with implementing this scheme, the best practice in their area.

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