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Close down in protest

Today Additional Collector, Malagaon late Yashwantrao Sonawane, badly beaten abd urnt alive by Oil Mafias near Manmad while he was investigating malpracatices and petrol adulteration . All Revenue Officers and staff strongly condemn this coward attack against humanity. We are shocked by this brutal attack and all are furious over the state of affair of rule of law in our state. Police need to be more aggressive and create deterrence of rule of law in the minds of law breakers. All Revenue officers are unanimous on closing down work on 27th January 2010. Please spread this across the state. All get together, protest peacefully and let us try to make Government aware that we all Government officers and employees are working in a very insecure state . Every now and then there are attack on officers who are working in field. All law breakers, black marketeers of PDS, Minor Mineral, Petrol and Oil need to be tackled very aggressively. Let us all press it, all other Government officers, employees associations and Gazetted Officers Associtions have pledged their support, this is a common cause for all.......we want secure and secure administrative maharashtra.......... Let us close down.......let us protest peacefully....... Pralhad Kachare General Secretary Federation of Revenue Officers Associations

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